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Thanks for the service, it was fast and efficient, something your competitors are lacking, so in essence they are no competition at all!

Mr Blake

I wish to place on record the excellent service I have had from Designer Kitchens for Less. Both the quality of the service and design were great and the quality of units were fantastic

Mr Eaton

6 Top Tips For Designing Small Kitchens

1. Find a Good Kitchen Designer

Seeking the advice of a good kitchen designer who really knows their product, will enable you to make the best use of your space. When your layout has been designed, check that you have a cupboard for each of your requirements. If your kitchen is very small you may have to compromise, so prioritise your list.

kitchen design plan

2. Sleek lines

Framed doors with handles create lots of lines everywhere which will make your kitchen look smaller.
A flat door works best in small kitchens.  Choose a plain door with a discreet handle or perhaps you could even go handle-less!

NO                                                     YES

handleless kitchen








3. Reflect the Light

Use light colours on doors and work surfaces and keep the colour scheme simple. If you really want to mix colours, choose a lighter, contrast colour for wall units to give an illusion of more space at eye level.
Glossy surfaces reflect the light more to create an airy feel.

Glass, especially mirrored glass splash-backs are obviously great for making your kitchen appear bigger, they are available in various smoked colours, plain and antiqued finishes. Fussy wall tiles are definitely to be avoided!

Stainless steel or mirror plinths also work to make the floor look more spacious.

glossy kitchen

4. Integrate appliances

Wherever possible integrate your dishwasher, washing machine and fridge/freezer. Appliances add visual clutter and make your kitchen look smaller.
• Microwaves can be mounted in wall units to keep them off the work surface.
• Many appliances are now available in compact form, seek the advice from your designer.
• If you are very short of worktop space maybe a two ring hob may suffice?
• Use an integrated extractor to keep your wall unit lines simple, a bulky chimney style is not advisable.
• Consider your sink carefully, a corner sink may work better for you , and give you more usable worktop. If you are going for a top-mount sink, choose one with a glass cover, when not in use.


5. Internal solutions

Use pull out wire fitments and drawers where possible, try and make your corners effective. Incorporate pull out tables if you are short of worktop, and plinth drawers are available in some ranges.













6. Lighting

Consider your lighting carefully, keep your ceiling well lit with nothing obscuring daylight from the window. Always opt for under-wall-unit lighting and consider under worktop or plinth lighting as well. Use LEDs as they a general life expectancy of 50 000 hrs. Even if you use your lights for 10 hours a day, they should last 13.7 yrs! So LED’s are definitely an investment, even a top of the range bulb only works out to cost 2.55GBP per year. Add that to the saving you would make on energy compared to an old-fashioned incandescent bulb and LED seems like a very cost effective alternative!