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I love my new kitchen it is great !


Benefits of a handle-less kitchen

With so many kitchen styles around these days it can seem like a daunting task deciding on which style to go for. A recent trend in kitchen design, the handle-less kitchen offers unique benefits that other designs cannot match. The effortless style of a linear, contemporary kitchen with no handles in sight is hard to be beaten. It allows kitchens to blend easily into the rest of the living space something that appeals to modern living where living and cooking areas run into one.

When space is limited this is a real advantage of the handle-less design, you might not even realise you have steeped into the kitchen. With everything hidden behind the scenes you can enjoy your kitchen furniture like any other room in the house. Pendant lighting, downdraft extractors and integrated appliances help create a kitchen of both beauty and functionality. You might wonder how practical a handle-less kitchen really is? With hidden channels instead of drilled handles, there is no where for dirt to lie making it easy to clean and more hygienic. Design wise, the possibilities are endless, with a wide range of cabinet and drawer sizes, colour and finish options, it can sit equally well in a small or large room.

At Designer Kitchens for Less we have a stunning range of handle-less kitchens to choose from, at a fraction of the cost of a high street kitchen. If you need advice and design inspiration call our designer today for a no obligation quote on 01279 504230.