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Hidden Extraction is the next big trend!

Hidden Extraction is the next big trend!

In past years Chimney and Canopy hoods were the only choices for extraction, but now customers are looking for an alternative that is more discreet and fits in with their kitchen design.

Trends now are heading towards open plan living, with clean lines and seamless transitions from kitchen to living area. Canopy and hoods work well in terms of functionality, however they are somewhat bulky and can become a focus point in a kitchen.

In order to counteract this and come up with something that fits todays market in terms of finish and functionality manufacturers produced alternatives such as the downdraft extractor. Which at the touch of a button rises up from the worktop and down into the worktop again when it is not in use. This is a great choice when a hob is near a window, in a kitchen with high ceilings or if a customer would like pendant lights over their island.

An alternative model, a ‘hidden’ ceiling model has seen major growth in sales over the past year, from manufacturer Westin. The ceiling hood is famed for a simple and sleek design that blends into its surrounding environment. This is the perfect choice in open- plan living areas.

Another popular hidden extraction method are the Built-under models designed to complement contemporary styles in particular where hiding functionality is key to create the overall ambiance of the room. Ducting is extremely important to get right, insufficient ducting will result in poor extraction not what you want in your brand new kitchen.

The normal requirement for most extraction in terms of ducting is 150mm, and rigid round pipe is better than flexible hose types as it creates less resistance, improving efficiency and noise. For more information on models and advice speak to our designer at Designer Kitchens For Less today!