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I love my new kitchen it is great !


Optimise a small kitchen space with our 6 top tips!

1. Hire a great kitchen designer-

It’s well worth spending a bit of time researching and finding the perfect kitchen designer, one who really knows their product will give the best results. Work with them and list your requirements, what kinds of food you like to cook, how much time you spend in your kitchen, your favourite utensils to use etc. They will be able to design a kitchen that fits in with your lifestyle.


2. Keep it simple-

Using simple clean lines will give the illusion of more space than you actually have.

Think about your doors in particular, lots of lines and frames everywhere will make your kitchen feel smaller and more chaotic. Choose plain doors with flat surfaces and clean lines. Handleless kitchens are perfect for smaller kitchens as they eliminate another element (the door handle) that adds fuss to a smaller space.


3. Enhance light sources-

It almost goes without saying use lighter colours to enhance your space, lighter colours will make the room feel much bigger. Choose light colours for your door and units, if you want to include a colour choose something to contrast the lighter units on one wall only.

Glossy surfaces will reflect more light too, choose a gloss finish handleless kitchen door for optimum space enhancing and reflecting.

Kitchen cabinets

4. Integrate appliances-

Appliances add visual clutter, wherever possible integrate your appliances fridge, freezer, dishwasher and washing machine. Also consider the following options for your appliances:

• Think carefully about your sink placement, a corner sink will give you more useable worktop.
• Appliances are now available in compact form, perfect for the spatially challenged kitchen!
• Mount microwaves in call units, this keeps them off work surfaces allowing you much needed worktop space.
• Could you survive using a two ring hob if you are really short of space?
• Integrated extractors are great options for small kitchens, bulky chimney style extractors are not advised as they take up lots of space.

Corner kitchen cabinet

5. Internal cupboard and drawer solutions-

Maximise cupboard spaces as much as possible, use pull out wire fittings to house your bulky cooking equipment. Use drawer space to its full potential with dividers and organisers. Pull out tables are great if you are short on worktop space and plinth drawers might be available to you.

Drawer dividers

6. Lighting-

Your light sources, when placed correctly can really make your small spaces feel much larger. Keep windows clear to maximise on daylight, use blinds and stay away from fussy curtains.

Use LED lights, these are a great option as they have 50 000 hours’ life expectancy and even a top of the range bulb only works out at about £2.55 per year, so even if they are on for 10 hours a day they should last!

Opt for under- wall lighting and you could always use under worktop and under plinth lighting too.

For more information on kitchen design and what designer kitchens for less can do for you, give us a call we’d love to hear from you- 01279 504230.