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I just sent in a room plan of my kitchen walls and by the end of the week I had a design and price back great service ! I will be telling all my friends when they need a new kitchen


The Kitchen Needs of a Modern Family

Careful Planning is vital when thinking about re-designing your kitchen. You need to consider how you use your present kitchen, how many regularly use it, how much cooking do you do, how much storage is needed etc. etc.

When you begin to think about possible design options its worth giving our designer a call to discuss how you use your kitchen and how you work within it. What is important to you, what will suit you and your family, is essential to ensure your new kitchen works as efficiently as possible.

Think about new design features such as pull outs instead of cupboards for easier access to contents, dividing systems in pull outs, drawers and cupboards can all help organise your kitchen more efficiently and save space. Keeping all food in one area within the kitchen will help you access contents more easily when cooking, a great plus in a busy home, when time is short. Consider keeping all crockery, tableware together particularly the items you use regularly and moving items rarely used to other areas within the kitchen. Its much easier to prepare and cook if everything is on hand ready to use. There is nothing worse than not being able to find what you are looking for when you are in a hurry or when the children are hungry!


For more guidance on how to ensure your family needs are met in your new kitchen call Designer Kitchens for Less today and speak to our designer on 01279 504230.