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Thanks for the service, it was fast and efficient, something your competitors are lacking, so in essence they are no competition at all!

Mr Blake

The Rise Of the Handleless Kitchen

The Handless Kitchen has been around for some time now, but its popularity does not cease to abate! On our contemporary kitchens account for more than 50% of our sales, with the discreet handle that sits on top of the door coming a close second.

Most people choose the handless design, as many have fallen in love with minimalistic lines and sleek style. Available in a large range of finishes: gloss, matt or wood in a wide spectrum of colours, this design can be easily adapted to accommodate all tastes.

The handless design is a very popular choice for open plan living spaces and very often-using two contrasting colours for doors and worktops. The typical layout would be a tall bank with appliances and an island with the hob or sink and a breakfast bar, to offer a fully working space.

We favour the TRUE Handleless Kitchens that our German supplier has engineered to a fine art. The kitchen with the J grip at the top is a very poor cousin and does not achieve unbroken lines.

However, beware, you need an experienced designer for the True Handleless kitchen, as there are certain elements that just won't work without the right expertise!

These kitchens are only compatible with certain models of dishwashers. There will also be considerations to be taken into account for the opening of fridges and freezers, to name but a few. It is worth seeking the help of a professional to avoid later problems when installing appliances.

But never fear, we here at Designer Kitchens for Less have a wealth of experience and will make sure that your design will suit your lifestyle perfectly.