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I love my new kitchen it is great !


What are Handleless kitchens and how much do they cost?

What does it mean when you hear someone say handleless kitchen? Don’t worry you can still open the door of a handleless kitchen! Most people choose to buy handleless kitchen because from a design point of view they give sleek and clean lines, they are perfect for creating the illusion of space.

There are so many different kinds of handleless kitchens available, the handleless name is only given because the kitchen door does not have a conventional handle on the front of the door like an ordinary kitchen. Instead a channel is integrated in the carcase to allow the door to be opened from the top or the side.

The channel that runs along the top of the door is a beautiful clean line, as with all things in life there are cheaper imitations that offer an alternative to a true handleless kitchen. Some cheaper handleless door companies will rebate the the door at the top or screw a hidden handle to the back of the door, to imitate the handleless look.

The idea of the handleless look is that you are trying to create clean lines, to avoid spoiling this look, try to avoid freestanding appliances and instead aim for integrated appliances that you can effectively ‘hide’ from view. You will need to check your appliances because not all appliances are compatible with being situated in a cabinet.


How much does a handleless kitchen cost?

Although nothing is 100% certain, a handleless kitchen will cost no more than 10- 15% of the price of an ordinary kitchen with door handles. This works out to an average of a handleless kitchen not costing much extra than £300- £500. A small price to pay!

Should you buy a handleless kitchen?

As open plan living becomes more of a trend and, indeed a necessity in smaller properties, handleless kitchens have become the go to option as they offer a smooth transition between living spaces and the kitchen area.

There are other advantages that handleless kitchens have over other kinds of kitchen designs:

• More hygienic as there are less places for dirt and grime to hide.

• A handleless kitchen design can offer a seamless divide between kitchen area and dining/ living areas.

• Safer than kitchens with handles on their doors, no awkward and sharp points for children to run into.

• Choosing a handless kitchen does make choosing your kitchen easier as it eliminates one of the items it can be hardest to decide on.

• Handles are a giveaway that a kitchen is older. Handleless kitchens don’t look outdated as quickly as kitchens with fussy doors and handles.

handleless kitchens

The test of time

There are various finishes to handleless kitchens available, our advice is to steer clear of cheaper foil and vinyl wrapped doors, as these are prone to bubbling, peeling away from the MDF door or splitting. A lacquered finish will stand the test of time, you can also protect your doors by opting for the ‘integrated handle’. Your doors will benefit from the metal finish as opposed to the wood grip edge, more design options are also available with integrated handles.

If you are interested in a handleless kitchen or have any questions at all we would love to hear from you, e mail: or call: 01279 504230.