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Thanks for the service, it was fast and efficient, something your competitors are lacking, so in essence they are no competition at all!

Mr Blake

We are extremely happy with our new kitchen and the comments from family and friends have all been very positive. 

Mrs D.

Which is the best kitchen worktop?

Your choice of kitchen worktop is vitally important to the success of your new kitchen. So which worktop is the best?. The most commonly used materials are Laminate, Granite, Quartz, Wood, Corian, Glass, Concrete and Stainless Steel.

Out of these the most practical and therefore most commonly used is Quartz, Granite, Laminate, Corian and Wood. Aesthetically each has their own unique look and as beauty is in the eye of the beholder we will not try and decide which looks the best but instead look and the pros and cons of each.

Laminated Worktop

Laminate is still the most commonly used and the best value for money kitchen work surface. It has seen a resurgence in popularity recently due to the improvements in colour choice and finish. The advantages over other worktops, other than cost are that they can match the cabinet finishes and can also be installed at that same time as the cabinets are fitted.



Corian Worktop

Corian is a kitchen designers dream as it is possible to create shapes and design features that you cannot achieve in any other material. Apart from the flexibility advantages of Corian, the other great advantage and the reason it is often used in commercial situations is that it can be repaired on-site, for example if burnt or scratched.


Granite Worktop

Granite as a natural material is a popular worktop choice for kitchens. The colour variations are vast and with no two pieces the same, there is something for everyone. Granite is an extremely tough work surface, making it ideal in the kitchen but being so hard means it is not very forgiving with your crockery! Granite is also porous so it is possible to stain the lighter colours if you are not careful.

Quartz Worktops

Quartz worktops are made by bonding together crushed quartz. This produces a finish very similar to granite and other stone tops but with the advantage that it less porous and does not have the natural variations and weakness that granite and other natural products have.


Solid Wood Worktops

Solid Wood worktops are warm to the touch and forgiving on your crockery but do require the greatest amount of maintenance. Wood tops need regular oiling to prolong their appearance and life. Without regular oiling you will allow moisture to penetrate causing the wood to swell and stain. Wooden worktops are not recommended close to the sink area for this reason.