Designer Kitchen Lighting

Lighting is an important element in your kitchen and it is worth thinking carefully about it at the design stage. With careful planning your lighting choices can greatly improve the overall ambiance and mood of the room.

Think about the natural light and how that impacts upon the room at present, how will this change with any building alterations? Its worth thinking now about how much artificial light you want to include in your kitchen and build this in at the design stage. To create more light artificially you have various choices available in your kitchen. You might consider under cupboard lighting, plinth lights, drawer lights, lights under the worktop, ceiling spot lights or pendants. Consider also whether or not you want dimmable lights, as many of the new type LED bulbs wont allow it.

Efficiency is also worth thinking about, LED lights are cheaper to run than other types of bulbs and wont need changingso often. You can also get LED lights a wide variety of colours to give a contemporary feel to the room.

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