Designer Kitchen Trends 2014

A new Bronze Age

I often think kitchen trends follow Fashion, with a capital F as in the catwalk kind. Metallic finishes have been around for a while but closely mimicking the resurgence of antique and rose gold in fashion jewellery the home design industry has followed suit and adopted bronze and copper in abundance!

These stunning Tom Dixon pendant lights come in both copper and bronze and paired with a metallic tile on the splash-back, make an elegant but understated trend statement.


Monochrome Appliances

We’ve spent years replacing 70’s appliances in brown, white and black with new, modern stainless steel ones. Well who would have thought that trend would return to favour? But it has…behold the new generation of appliance, designed to blend into your minimalist white or black units like a chameleon. The effect is actually very effective and a million times sexier than the 70s version!

Put your own stamp on it

Gone are the days of clients asking for ‘the kitchen with the best re-sale value’ i.e. white or cream gloss, in other words the most impersonal, inoffensive kitchens on the market. We designers are jumping for joy at the re-introduction of personality to the kitchen. Our customers have embraced the idea of a kitchen for the long haul and want to put their own stamp on the design and create something that makes them happy. This includes details like the Floral design fronts shown above which, used in moderation, create a lovely accent.  And colour is back! See the beautiful midnight blue and oak kitchen below. Again, the fashion trend filtering through…



Handle-less kitchens can end up looking sterile without a little thought into textures and finishes. This rough-cut oak finish feels rustic, natural and yet contemporary at the same time. You don’t have to sacrifice traditional materials to make a modern space work in fact, quite the opposite, the more natural materials and textures you use the warmer and more appealing the end result. But beware! If you have a wooden floor, steer clear of heavy wooden doors as this can be overkill. However, a wooden top will create a good balance with a wooden floor.

So if you don’t feel inclined towards textured wooden doors you can add a touch of the rustic, reclaimed trend by adding wooden shelves or table-top as in this image. The tiles also work as a great contrast to the minimal doors adding warmth and pattern to what could otherwise be a rather bland interior.

If, like me, you love lots of various styles and are great at collecting ideas but feel a little overwhelmed by actually having to make choices, we’re here to help! Email us your room dimensions or plan to and we’ll be happy to put together a free design and quote for you and also help you answer some of the questions as to which style/layout works best in your space.