Kitchen Cost Calculator

So you may be about to undertake a new kitchen project and want to know exactly what costs are involved and how you can save money. It is essential to plan costs at this stage so you don’t run over budget. Basically in any new kitchen project you will need to employ the relevant trades unless you are planning on doing all the work yourself, but for the majority of people, you are going to need a plumber, electrician, tiler, plasterer, kitchen fitter or carpenter and a decorator.

The costs involved in having these trades will vary significantly depending on how large your kitchen is, what state the room is in at present, and what type of kitchen you want. If you want your new kitchen to have high tech gadgets and appliances, there will be cost implications in the preparation of services etc. To keep kitchen costs low, think about simple design of units and tiling, laminate worktops instead of solid surfaces such as granite or corian, and do the decorating yourself. Planning is key to ensure you get your project right first time, mistakes through lack of planning are costly. Ensure everyone involved in the project provides a detailed specification, this will help to keep your kitchen project on time and to budget.

Example costs on a simple kitchen layout

Furniture costs – £4,302
Laminate Worktops – £400
Stainless steel sink & tap – £200
Bosch Appliance pack incl. hob, micro, double oven, dishwasher – £1,200
Electrician – £350
Plumber – £100
Floor tiles – £250
Tiler labour – £400
Kitchen fitting costs 4 days – £800

Total = £8,002

For further information on what costs are involved and to discuss ways to keep to your budget give us a ring at Designer Kitchens for Less on 01279 504230, we would love to talk through your project with you.