Tips For The Eco-Friendly Kitchen

Are you concerned about your home’s impact on the environment? The truth is that your kitchen adds to the nation’s environmental load. But there are things you can do to make your kitchen more environmentally friendly, more energy efficient, and less wasteful.

Kitchen Furniture

Our German supplier’s Environmental Management System has been certified since 2009.They pay particular attention to energy efficiency, sustainable waste disposal, emission reduction and champion the protection of our natural resources. So you can be sure your kitchen is sourced from a company that takes responsibility for the conservation of nature , and is obligated to a constant improvement in environmental achievement.They use low-emission water based lacquer and focus on recyclable materials.


As consumer demand for more energy efficient solutions gains momentum, so too does the number of new and improved appliances. Remember, when upgrading your appliances it’s important to not only compare energy ratings but also the quality of the appliance; how long will it last? When you purchase a premium product it won’t need to be disposed of as soon as an inferior model, and that means less manufacturing and less waste. An efficient dishwasher, for instance, can use a lot less water than washing the dishes by hand in the sink.¬† Look for the Energy Star rating, when choosing your appliances.

Recycling Bins

Your kitchen is guilty of generating a large amount of rubbish both from food scraps and from the plethora of packaging that food is presented in. Select products that are light on packaging and that use materials that are recyclable . We have a wide range of integrated bin options and sizes to suit your recycling needs.

Cleaning Products

Avoiding toxic cleaners is advisable when it comes to keeping your kitchen eco-friendly and maintaining good health. There is an abundance of green cleaning products on offer these days that are plant-based, or simply rustle up your own natural option using everyday ingredients such as baking soda , washing soda, lemon, olive oil, salt and white vinegar.

By implementing these  green and eco-friendly tips for your kitchen, you will be well on your way to reduced energy bills, improved health and a better environment that will benefit us all.